Busting through the BS

of what success in online business looks like to help driven, ex-corporate moms build legacies on their own terms.

Do you need Corporate Rehab?

The transition from employee to business owner isn’t always a smooth one, especially when those years of toxic corporate behaviours and beliefs come with you. Sign up for my free workbook, The 3 Toxic Beliefs of Employee Mindset, and let’s start the detox.

It's all lies. All of it.

I’m Sarah and I need to tell you the truth.

Almost everything we are told in the online business space about what a successful biz should look like is BS.

Yep. I said it.

We’ve been sold a bunch of ridiculous, one-size-fits-all, FOMO-inducing, scarcity-mindset, templated and cookie-cuttered nonsense about what you should be doing, and how you should be doing it.
It’s time to take a long, hard look at where you’ve allowed the BS to seep into your business, and where it’s led you astray from your vision, your values, and the very reason you started a biz in the first place.

Why work with me?

I’m an operations strategist, business consultant, and Corporate Rehab Coach. Oh, and I’m a BS buster.
Sarah Khan owner of Linchpin Virtual Business and Operations
With over 20 years of experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship and as a Certified Director of Operations, I’m committed to helping as many women as possible grow a business that serves THEM, not the other way around, with complete transparency around what it really takes and what you really need. Making the transition from employee to business owner is hard enough…you don’t need to be fed a load of crap while you do it.
Nellie Corriveau The Sales Queen

If you are a visionary entrepreneur, you need Sarah in your life.

She has shifted my mindset and supported my business in so many different ways in under 90 days. We just had our strategy session to really break down all the goals and dreams that I have, and actually figured out how we’re going to make them happen.

Nellie Corriveau
The Sales Queen


Strategic Consulting and Coaching

For established entrepreneurs wanting sustainable growth through operational and strategic consulting, planning , and 1:1 support. A variety of engagements are available that are the right fit for you.

Get Shit Done Days: Done with you / for you services

For business owners who need it done NOW, not in 6 months, 6 weeks, or at the end of a course. With a variety of intensives available, we can sort your biz out ASAP.

Training, Speaking, and Workshop Requests

Running a community that you feel could benefit from a little BS-busting with love? Hire Sarah to run a workshop or deliver a keynote in your community or group today. Businesses must have a team in order to qualify for this service.

Fractional Director of Operations Retainer

For high 6- and 7-figure businesses needing strategic and management support at an executive level.

Currently on waitlist (as of Sep 2021).

Lee Cordell, Small Business Owner

Hiring Sarah is one of the best decisions I ever made!

She has used her expertise and genius to help operationalize my big ideas, and effortlessly runs the back-end of my business.

Lee C. Cordell
Anti-Shame, Pro-Pleasure Coach

Hear Sarah In Action

How the DOO Certification Helped Her See Her Potential and Create A Dream Business

The Ops Authority Podcast

Sarah shares how becoming a Certified Director of Operations helped her see her true potential as a business owner who wanted to do it a little differently than everyone else. Listen as she shares her journey from employee to business owner and the incredible amount of self-trust it truly took.

The Purposeful CEO Podcast

Sarah is shaking things up by challenging the corporate mindset that we bring with us into the online space that prevents us from operating like the powerful business owners we are. She’s taking down the toxic beliefs that keep so many of us spinning our wheels, throwing money at every possible course, program, and service out there when the answer lays smack dab in the middle of our own front yard.

#BeFlawsome: The Good Enough Podcast

Sarah joins Anita to share her journey from being an employee with a side hustle to becoming full-time in her business as an Operations Strategist, and how she has built an online community by showing her true, authentic self on social media.

I'm Going to Be Real With You:

I'm definitely for you If...

I'm definitely NOT for you If...

Heather Moran, Brand Photographer

Sarah is amazing and you definitely need to work with her.

No matter what capacity you do it in, you need this girl in your life!

Heather Moran
Brand Photographer

Are you ready to finally grow a business on your own terms?

A business that aligns with your deepest goals for a life YOU want? For a legacy or lifestyle YOU want? For an income goal YOU want? In a way that feels easy?

Are you ready to stop growing A business, and ready to grow YOUR business?
Book a consultation call today and let’s start burning away the BS so you can finally see the light.
Sarah Khan of Linchpin Virtual For Small Business Owners
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