Get Shit Done VIP Days & Intensives

Because sometimes you don’t want to wait ages.

The Re-Ignite Your Business Strategic Intensive

Are you waking up every day struggling to figure out where to put your focus? Do you know what should be a priority and what shouldn’t?

Do you often have really great ideas and feel the need to act on them ASAP so you won’t forget them?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying to move ahead but most days it feels like you’re doing busy work and calling it “productivity”?

Do you just feel overwhelmed by trying to figure out your next steps?

Is your to-do list so freaking long that you’ve stopped looking at it, hoping you’ll feel inspired one day to get the “big shit” done?

The Re-Ignite Your Business Strategic Intensive will get you to your goals faster, period.

Over 2 x 90-minute sessions, we evaluate the foundation of your business to ensure any gaps in your operations are filled. This ensures the rest of the work we do is built on a solid foundation and doesn’t end up looking like a Jenga tower.

Then we will move on to mapping out the what, when, and how in each of the 7 strategic pillars of your business:

• Financial steadiness
• Product suite
• Team growth
• Operational processes
• Client experience
• Visibility and marketing
• Personal and professional growth

You’ll leave the Intensive with:

• Clear identification of key goals within each of the 7 pillars, prioritized based on greatest need
• A 90-day action plan with a 12-month framework, all with room to pivot
• Greater clarity on the actions to take on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
•Who to hire next in your biz and when
• When to introduce new offers
• Accountability to your goals and your vision
• The chance to create immunity to FOMO
• Less overwhelm, greater focus, and a fire in your heart

Investment: $1597 USD

Make Your First Hire in 6 Weeks VIP Day

Ready to hire your first team member but have no idea how to start?

Have you already posted “the ask” in a Facebook group and gotten hundreds of completely unqualified candidates?

Did you once hire someone on a recommendation only to find you were wasting buckets of hours because you weren’t clear on what to delegate, and still had to do most of the work yourself?

Not sure the best way to vet applicants once you do post a job ad?

Hiring a team member, whether employee or independent contractor, takes planning and strategy. There are so many moving pieces in getting it right…because the wrong hire (aka the wrong strategy) can cost not only time, but money. (And who truly has money to burn?)

Office Sitting Area

The Make Your First Hire in 6 Weeks VIP Day is a done-with-you intensive where we will:

• Create your job ad
• Identify key requirements for the new hire
• Develop interview questions specific to your role
• Create an application form and process for reviewing applicants
• Develop templates for performance reviews, onboarding, milestones, etc.

You’ll leave the intensive with a fully mapped out plan (aka strategy) for not only finding the right candidates, but vetting, hiring, and onboarding them as well.

Investment: $1597 USD
Small Business Office Space Desk

Project Mapping and Management

Have a great offer that you’re ready to launch?

Looking to completely redo (or start) your website?

Writing a book and want to plan out the most epic launch?

Whatever the project, you need a solid plan of action behind it so you know what you need, who you need, and why you need them. Let me help you create that plan.

As a project manager for over 15 years, I have a strong understanding of what it takes to successfully scope, plan, and execute projects of all sizes, including the resources needed.

Don’t launch blind. Let’s work together to create a detailed project plan for your specific project or event that outlines everything you and your team need — requirements, stakeholders, budget, a fully mapped out plan, timelines and milestones — and get that success on repeat for the future.

With Project Mapping you will receive a comprehensive project plan, including scope, resources, and more.

Should you desire someone to also Manage the project once mapped, it will be considered on a project by project basis.

Investment: Dependent upon project scope.

Systems and Sexy Stuff

Is all of your IP still in your head?

Worried about what will happen in your biz if a key team member gets sick or takes time off?

Does everyone in the biz have “their way” of doing everything?

You need to get your ducks in a row.

Clearly written SOPs can be time consuming, but they save you tons of time and money down the road.

Get everyone on the same page by booking a Systems and Sexy Stuff consultation to find out what it would look like to have solid SOPs created in your business to ensure consistency of workflows and processes for all of the major functions of your business.

Or maybe you need better internal management of your team.

Or perhaps a clearly defined communication process, or onboarding of clients, or… or… or…

Imagine how it would feel to free up the mental and emotional real estate currently occupied by worrying about “who knows what” and how they’re doing it.

How would it feel to know your business was finally running on a solid foundation of operational efficiency?

Stairs Going Up

What you get really depends on what you need, but can include a mix of the following:

• Up to 50 SOPs
• Documenting processes (eg: hiring, onboarding, offboarding, client acquisition, etc)
• Designing team onboarding and workflows (including training and reporting systems)
• Creation of a CEO hub and internal team systems
• And more!

Whatever you choose…the outcome is peace of mind… and maybe a vacation in the near future!

Investment: Dependent on project size.

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