Strategic Consulting And Coaching

It all starts with clarity, direction, and a plan.

I get it, friend. Because entrepreneurship is lonely AF.

Not everyone gets it, though… especially the people you have as advisors, guides, and mentors in your day to day life who aren’t running a business.

You need someone who’s walked the path before you… who can hold a torch for you to follow while still honouring your desire to veer off the path once in a while and check out what calls to you. And who can call you back in when you wander too far.

And that is SO much easier with a road map built FOR YOU, not some arbitrary map of how I got where I wanted to go, or what the gurus tell you your destination should be.

Your business isn’t a cookie cutter business, and you don’t deserve a cookie cutter solution.

What if you had a plan laid out that not only honoured your vision and values, but mapped out everything you needed to focus on to get where you truly wanted to be? Free of bullshit marketing speak and a 1000-step launch plan to an arbitrary success number?

How would it feel to wake up every day knowing exactly what you needed to do and delegate, comfortable in the knowledge that it was all working?

Stairs Going Up

What you get:

• Accountability that your vision is coming to life in a way that aligns with your values and your desired expression (ie: how you WANT to show up).

• Unlimited access to my brain (with it’s 20+ years of experience, knowledge, learning, and connections) as things change and evolve in your business.

• Access to any templates and training that I create while we work together.

• A variety of engagements to suit your business’s immediate needs, including 90 min sessions, 2-day intensives, or monthly retainers with Voxer access and biweekly strategy

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