Strategic Coaching and Consulting

It all starts with clarity, direction, and a plan.

I get it, my friend.
Entrepreneurship is noisy AF.

You left the working world behind because you were done with having everything dictated. You were tired of not being seen, not being heard, being told to fit into a box with a label that was so narrow it required  you to cut away pieces of yourself to fit into it.
You craved freedom of time, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, and the freedom to build something that let YOU shine. All of you. Every single part.
So you started a service-based business in the online space… only to find that everyone is shouting about HOW you need to run your biz, and WHAT you need to offer, and HOW you need to price it, and WHAT you need to say, and…and…and.
So you inevitably try program after coach after mastermind, trying to find “THE” thing that gives you the answers you seek. And you end up creating what you left in the first place: someone else making all the rules for how things should be done and how you should show up.
What if you already had the answers?
What if you already knew HOW and WHAT you wanted to do, sell, share, serve, and show up?
Because deep down, you do. It’s what made you leave corporate. It’s what drew you to becoming an entrepreneur. You already FELT called.
And the rampant noise of the online business space simply made it too loud to hear.
Stairs Going Up
How would it feel to wake up every day with the absolute clarity that you were building a business that aligned with your deepest, truest self, in a way that felt good? That felt real? That made your vision possible?
Working with me 1:1, we will block all the FOMO-inducing BS that is crowding the space by determining exactly what YOU need for the kind of business you want to create. We’ll examine your Money Making Mechanism (TM) which relies heavily on YOUR zone of genius. We’ll dive into your business structure to ensure it’s set up to support ongoing growth. We’ll determine the logical order of things — the key actions — you need to take to get where you want to go.
You’ll stop wasting time and start moving forward. 

The beauty of 1-to-1 work:

• Accountability that your vision is coming to life in a way that aligns with your values and desired expression (ie: how you WANT to show up). I’ll hold you true to what you commit to creating for yourself.
• Unlimited access to 20+ years of experience, knowledge, learning, and connections to meet you where you’re at in your business and support your evolution. If I don’t know, I’ll find it for you.
• Real time advice and guidance based on YOUR challenges and questions as they happen. You don’t have to wait til the next group call where you only have 5-10 mins to share your issues.
• Crystal clarity on where you’re at on your journey and what you need to grow to the next level. Not pie-in-the-sky fluff, but real business-building strategies.
INVESTMENT: $1200/month
on a 3-month commitment

Not ready for an ongoing retainer yet? No problem. I offer one-time clarity sessions, focused strategy sessions, and Voxer-only coaching. Book a call and let’s talk about the option that is right for you, right now.

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