Behind the Brand

About Sarah

Let’s cut to the chase. Most About pages are written in the third person and try too hard to be serious. They also waffle on about the person the about page is about. (See what I did there?)

Not this one. I’ll tell you a little about me, but mostly what you actually WANT to know:


I’m Sarah, a corporate escapee turned operations strategist, business consultant and Corporate Rehab Coach.

I’m passionate about supporting ex-corporate moms who want to build a legacy business. So I work with you to bust the rampant BS around how to build and grow a sustainable business, while growing into your new role as a business owner and leader.

Let’s face it, entrepreneurship is an incredible journey of self-discovery…and you didn’t leave the corporate world (where you were confined to a box) just to jump back into another box. So why do it the way everyone else tell you it “has” to be done?

You want to build a business on YOUR terms, in alignment with YOUR values, and that fits into YOUR life.

So let’s do it. 

Through an individualized approach to business strategy, operations and detoxing corporate mindset, you get the total package. We build your business together, on a solid foundation so your biz doesn’t look like a Jenga tower.

Check out my services to see the magic we can create together…or just book a call and let’s chat over coffee.

Now the official stuff…

I spent over 20 years in corporate and higher education. I get it. I get how hard it is to make the transition from employee to business owner.

Working with me, you get a biz bestie, sounding board, visionary brain whisperer, FOMO blocker, hand holder, and gentle butt kicker all rolled into one. Not to mention someone who’s walked the path of business building and entrepreneurship, so can guide you through operational efficiency, strategy, offer creation, visibility, client experience, team growth, and personal / professional development.

TL;DR? I’ve got you covered.

(Oh and in case you’re actually interested, I love coffee, am a mom of 2 girls, married a Brit, and hoard pens and notebooks. Like seriously, I need a program to help me with this.)

The Flame

I’m pretty sure my element is fire. I’ve always been drawn to it, but not in a weird pyromaniac kind of way.

I just find fire such an incredibly powerful element.

Untamed, it can wreak havoc…but when channeled effectively, efficiently… it can bring warmth, light, nourishment, and comfort.

It can guide you, lighting the way out of the darkness.

That is how I feel about what I do. It’s my flame…my fire… my passion.

I’ve channeled 20+ years of hands-on experience and knowledge into Linchpin Virtual to effectively and efficiently help guide your business so that it can provide the warmth, light, nourishment and comfort any legacy should.

The Torch

I was always fascinated by the torches you’d see in movies when main characters were exploring old caves or ruins.

The torch helped guide them to safety, to sunlight, to freedom.

The torch burned away the cobwebs so they could see their destination more clearly.

The torch brought them comfort and clarity in the uncertainty of the darkness.

The torch lit up a multitude of others, spreading that clarity around.

I aspire to be the torch in the darkness… the light helping guide you to your destination.

The Tagline

Fire cannot live without three things: oxygen, fuel and an ignition source.

Have all three and even the faintest ember can be fanned into the flames of a towering inferno.

I’m the catalyst to the spark that lives within every entrepreneur. I help channel their inner fire. I create the right conditions to help that fire grow.

You bring the fuel (your vision), I bring the spark (strategy, clarity, integration) and together we breathe life-giving fire into your legacy.

If you know me, you know that words are very, very important to me. I choose them deliberately based on the images and feelings they convey.

This is the meaning behind the metaphor… and behind the tagline: “Ignite your vision”.

Because that’s what happens when we work together.

The Brand

Welcome to Linchpin Virtual, where we work together to ignite your vision.  A bold brand with a clear focus: make your business easier, period.

Through a custom framework of strategy, clarity, integration, and ease, Linchpin Virtual works with entrepreneurs serious about their business and serious about their growth.

A no-BS approach to finding what works, holding you accountable, and helping you see results.

Our core values are integrity, friendship, accountability, mutual respect and honesty, authenticity, and freedom. Our keystone value? Empowerment.

Our goal? To be the flame. To be the light that allows you to see what’s possible. To see the truth behind the story. To hold you accountable to your success… and then help you achieve it.

As your Chief Ease Officer, I help put strategy behind the vision. I stand in front of FOMO, lovingly kicking your butt while holding your hand to keep your focus on what’s most important to grow your business to the next level, empowering you to make future investments strategically and intentionally.

It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to be bold…be brave. Slay the dragons of doubt, insecurity, overwhelm and fear.

It's time to Ignite Your Vision and breathe fire into your business.

(TL;DR: I’ve got your back. Book the damn call.)

Book a complimentary call, or let’s just chat over coffee about what you need, and how I can help. Maybe I can, maybe I can’t…either way you’re one step closer to clarity.
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